Nestled deep within the heart of the Sacred Valley, Salineras Ranch embraces the essence of outdoor life. It is the ultimate Peruvian retreat, providing an escape from the fast pace of modern day life with its lovingly restored rustic accommodation, many with breathtaking views over the domineering Andeas.
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Cusco for you

The Ranch

Indoors we have comfortable rooms, cosy surroundings, wood burning stoves, delicious food and fresh coffee brewing...outside there are horses roaming, crops growing, blue skies, wildlife buzzing and beautiful trails to ride or hike.

Salineras Ranch

Outdoor experience

Salineras Ranch is not just about a vacation, the activities, the horses, the food or the rooms; it is about the experience - the feeling and the journey that you go through. Experiences are very personal; at Salineras Ranch, you create your own..

Horseback Riding


At Salineras Ranch we are passionate about food and we try to produce as much of what we eat as possible... and we do it organically. This means we grow food in time with the environment, we don´t use artificial pesticides, we rotate our crops, we don´t force anything, its a more natural way of growing and it all starts with the soil; healthy soil = healthy crops = healthy people.

Organic farm

Experience in Peru

Peru is a land of wonders and we know that many of our guests want to see more of this enigmatic land... For this reason we have created Experiences in Peru, a seamless complement to our horseback riding programs and ranch stays... We organize tours to Machupicchu, Cusco City, the Amazon jungle, Nazca, Colca Canyon, Lima and beyond.